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Högerle - vacation apartments in Oberstdorf

Welcome in our 5 vacation apartments in Oberstdorf

We can offer you 5 different vacation apartments which are well-provided with everything you need. We are sure that you will feel comfortable in our house. Have a great holiday!

Final cleaning (once)

Appartement 1 Euro 25,00Appartement 2 Euro 30,00
Appartement 3 Euro 25,00Appartement 4 Euro 27,00
Appartement 5 Euro 27,00Dog Euro 20,00

Another Prices

Euro 1,95 pro person cure tax 12 to 15 yearsEuro 2,60 pro Person cure tax from 16 years
Euro 3,00 pro day indoor parkingparking outside inklusive
Euro 0,20 phone untilkid´s bed and seat inklusive

As guest in our house we offer you 10 % purchase discount in our Bettenhaus Högerle